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J+G Design Gets a Behind the Scenes Look at Avery Boardman

Avery Boardman has been synonymous with quality and comfort since its opening in 1968. Founder, Albert de Matteo, sought to provide the upmost service and integrity in his customizable sofas, sofa beds and upholstered furniture, each specially made to fit every client’s specific taste.

De Matteo’s legacy lives on in new president, Dennis Scully, and the incredible team that comprises Avery Boardman – from the knowledgeable showroom and logistics staff, to the skilled craftsmen in the factory, and the amazing delivery guys!

Though we are frequent visitors of the Avery Boardman showroom in the D&D Building, we had never ventured out to the New Jersey factory to watch the magic happen.

Our first impression of the factory was how impeccably tidy it is! Meeting all of the craftsmen and seamstresses was a real treat. The art of upholstery and fabric matching is becoming harder to find these days- even more reason that Avery Boardman takes so much pride in being a USA based, family owned company.

We were memorized by the bolts and bolts of fabric neatly piled as high as you could see. Did you know that they actually have a “feather room”- a full room just dedicated to down feathers?

We have a whole new appreciation for upholstery items after seeing the work that goes into each piece. Thank you so much the Avery Boardman team for the tour!

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J+G Design Shops ABC Home

Whenever we are in need of some inspiration, we make a trip to Abc Home. It is a great resource and there is really no other place of its kind. You could spend a week perusing the sprawling floors filled with furniture, antiques, accessories, jewelry, clothing, tabletop – pretty much anything you can think of!

If you are suffering from shopper’s fatigue, you can grab a bite at Chef Jean-Georges delicious Abc Kitchen located at the back of the main floor. Sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday…or any day!
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